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Millionaire Business School Congress Cyprus... November 13th, 2022

If You're An Entrepreneur Looking To Scale Your Business And Create The Life Of Your Dreams,
This Is A Must Attend Event!



Imagine how different your life would be if you could...

"If I had to go back and start all over again, I'd start with mindset. Then valuable connections.”

- Dan Lok

Your Speakers

Paul O'Mahony

Paul O’Mahony is a dynamic and creative communicator, strategist, leader, and achiever. He has considerable international online and offline experience across a range of communications disciplines including:

  • Media Relations
  • Public relations
  • Investor relations
  • Research
  • Policy
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Marketing
  • Event organization
  • Journalism
His adaptability is evidenced by the diversity of industries and sectors in which he has worked:
  • Publishing
  • Shipping
  • Organizational governance
  • International finance
  • Overseas development and humanitarian emergencies
  • Foreign affairs
  • Fisheries conservation and development
  • Arts and entertainment.
In every career position he has held, Paul has had a proactive and transformational impact in terms of both team performance and organizational objectives. Physical fitness is a key part of his energetic approach to life.

Asel Sydykova

Founder of «GBF» – Global Business Forum in the UK, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, which is the leading learning platform for businessmen and those who want to build a successful career in the corporate world.

Asel is an expert in the field of unlocking human potential and has repeatedly been awarded the «Best Female Speaker in Central Asia» Award.

In 2015, she brought the legendary action hero Jean Claude Van Damme, Ex-President of Ferrari and Moira Forbes to Almaty.

The only person in all of Central Asia who managed to bring Robert Kiyosaki to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in 2016, thanks to which thousands of participants got the opportunity to learn from a financial genius.

For many years she was the Director of Business Development in the British office of Success Resources UK.

She has completed more than 240 appearances in 38 cities of the world and is currently the most influential coach in the Central Asian market.

Author of the most sold-out 90-day online program “Mission for a Million”, which won “Project of the Year” and received awards from the government for “Award of the Year”.

Mark Anastasi

Founder of the coaching and publishing company Inspired Group Ltd, with 52,000 customers in 116 countries.

Author of the New York Times Bestseller ‘The Laptop Millionaire’.

Author of the New York Times Bestseller ‘The Laptop Millionaire’, and ‘Awaken The Happiness Within’, ‘Prophecy’, and ‘God, The Meaning of Life, and What Happens After We Die’. Mark has also published more than sixty books on alternative medicine.

Founder of Inspired Group, a training and coaching company with 52,000 customers in 116 countries. Since 2004, Mark has trained more than 17,000 entrepreneurs across the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA.

As the co-founder and CEO of a European healthcare company, he currently splits his time between Athens and Lisbon.

A lifelong student of the New Thought movement and of the interaction between thought, belief, consciousness, and its effects on our physical reality, Mark’s talk is titled “The Miracles of Your Subconscious Mind”.

Nicholas Kittis

General Manager, Transformational Executive Coach, Life and Business Strategist, Knowledge Broker and Entrepreneur

Nicholas serves as the General Manager of the Five-Star Aphrodite Hills Hotel, Paphos, and the flagship property in Cyprus. Nicholas has more than 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry and has held senior management positions ongoing with Aphrodite Hills Resort for the past 12 years.

As a highly experienced, dedicated, and fully-qualified Hotelier, amassing years of commercial experience and knowledge within the Hospitality sector, Nicholas’s passion for his career encompasses a large array of goals, including that of being able to create unforgettable memories and experiences for his guests and a consistent, cheerful, and motivating workplace for his colleagues.

In previous years, working as a Hospitality Manager in 5-Star hotel establishments – all with varying standards and different customer cultures –his self-driven, hardworking, and results-oriented work ethic has enabled him to develop and implement solid organizational cultures that address the needs of guests, colleagues, property owners and the community in general.

Nicholas has a proven record in managing all aspects of a hotel and
resort’s operation; focusing on revenue generation, profit protection, and operational standards to achieve the desired return on investment.

Additionally, he is comfortable and enthusiastic when leading new corporate ideas and making them a reality. He has also integrated separate business elements and team members to achieve the desired results of the company owners, in terms of guest satisfaction, controlled costs, and profit.

He proudly leads by example but is also a team player; able to motivate colleagues to generate growth with confidence and then nurture their commitment.

Enthusiasm together with his commitment to succeed has helped him successfully develop new business opportunities and restructure operations to secure continued profitable company growth. He attributes this success to making the correct decisions, staying focused on the company’s goals, having a clear vision, establishing effective guest and team member relations, regular performance monitoring and a well-communicated commitment to all sustainability issues and process efficiency.

For the last 12 years, his energies have been exclusively devoted to the development of the Aphrodite Hills brand.

When he is not working, the action-loving general manager enjoys time with his family, CrossFit, reading, traveling and last but not least self- development.



Robert is the internationally bestselling author of one of the best-rated investing books “The Million Dollar Decision”.

His mission is to share what the financial industry doesn’t want us to know about investing. Robert was featured in more than 50 newspapers, websites, and TV stations including Yahoo Finance, Newsmax TV, Business Insider and has had the honor of sharing the stage with people such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Ryan Deiss, Dr. John Grey, and many others. On top of that, members of his flagship long-term investing course are outperforming even the best Wall Street gurus. How to invest in the coming recession for life-changing gains? The world is going crazy in 2022. We have:
  • Disrupted supply chains
  • Oil, food, and energy costs going through the roof
  • Central banks raising interest rates
  • Stocks and cryptos going down sharply
If you are thinking about investing your money in this environment, you need to know what you are doing. Otherwise, you could lose a ton of money and become a nervous wreck in the process. What will you learn?
  • Why a global recession is almost certain.
  • What Robert and his clients will invest in – when everybody else is panicking.
  • When Robert will start to invest again.
  • Why are most stocks down 40 to 70% so far in 2022.
  • How much further the stock and crypto market can go down this year?
Rory Kilmartin

Rory Kilmartin

Rory is a Relationship Researcher, the Founder of Archetypal Relationships and author of the life-changing book, “Solving The Relationship Puzzle”.

Solving The Relationship Puzzle 3D Book (Small) Rory has been searching for information that explains relationships for 36 years. He has worked with thousands of people from over 26 countries, delivered live workshops since 2004, been invited to speak at the Google Campus, and is a highly respected relationship speaker and thought leader. Rory’s revolutionary research and teachings bring clarity and success to the most important relationships in your life; your partner, children, family, siblings, colleagues, bosses, friends, and every person you care about. His teachings transform people’s lives because they work at a very deep level. Archetypal Relationships is a deep and profound body of work that literally explains:
  • Who you really are
  • Why do you relate the way you do
  • Why do you struggle in your relationships
  • How to relate to the people you love
  • And how to ensure ALL your relationships improve
Rory’s two-hour workshop is titled, “Solving The Relationship Puzzle” and it is highly recommended you attend.

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Where will the event take place:

Aphrodite Hills Resort, a 5-Star Golf Resort in Cyprus


Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon

1 person ticket

*499 after early bird expires

Ticket for 1 person for all speakers.

Lunch and coffee breaks included

1 book – Rory Kilmartin’s “Solving the relationship puzzle”

1 book – Mark Anastasi’s “The laptop millionaire”

2 people ticket

*699 after early bird expires

Ticket for 2 people for all speakers.

Lunch and coffee breaks included

1 book – Rory Kilmartin’s “Solving the relationship puzzle”

1 book – Mark Anastasi’s “The laptop millionaire”


The event runs from November 13th, 2022.

Millionaire Business School Congress is being held at the luxury, 5-star5 star Aphrodite Hills Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus.

3, Aphrodite Avenue
Kouklia 8509
P.O. Box 62769 8072 Paphos
T. +357 26 828000
Lunch and coffee breaks are included

No preparation is required. Just ensure you arrive rested, energetic, open-minded and ready to learn.

The event is not a seminar where you spend all day watching and listening. It’s jam-packed, immersive and will require active participation from all attendees to ensure you achieve the very best from the workshop. You will receive a 100+ page course workbook that ends with a real action plan for taking your life to the next level. After all, you don’t learn to swim by reading a book!

Registration starts at 7:30 am

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