Grow Your Business And Build Life Changing Wealth With The EXPERT Knowledge
From These 7 Industry Leading Entrepreneurs And Investors

This Streamed 4-Day Seminar Lays Out The 10 MASTER Skills And The EXACT Blueprint To Pulling In 1 Million Dollars Over 12 Months!

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What this event is in just a few words…

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Who’s Peter Sage Anyway?

So, What Are The 10 CRUCIAL MASTER Skills?

1. Business Self Mastery – Business starts with you. Here’s how to master your greatest asset…Yourself!
2. Financial Creativity – How to leverage money in UNHEARD of ways!
3. The ‘Special Sauce’ to Customer Service
4. Upgrading Environment and Peer Group
5. Mastering Strategic Thinking
6. Reinventing Time Management
7. Reinventing your Sales & Marketing Tactics
8. The Magic of Educational-Based Marketing
9. Building your Dream Team
10. Effective and Hyper Directed Implementation


Hear From Our Past Attendees...

DAY 1 - Peter Sage

During the first 12 hours of the business school, you will undergo a series of powerful and personal transformations. Peter will clearly demonstrate the connection between the mindset of a business owner and the issues they face as he guides you through the process of reinventing yourself.

DAY 2 - Peter Sage

Day two teaches seven of the Master Skills. Each one will be broken down and applied to your business in a way that allows you to measure the financial impact moving forward. This is a powerful and content-rich day that will present many opportunities for transforming your business.

DAY 3 - Peter Sage

This is a fast-paced and action-packed day where we build on the foundation of what you have already covered. Learn the final and most critical Master Skills and then create a detailed and highly personalized plan that will allow you to implement all of the teachings, ideas, and skills. The afternoon builds into a powerful crescendo that will set a new, empowering direction for your life.

You Do NOT Want To Miss These Incredible Guest Speakers…

Asel Sydykova

Founder of «GBF» – Global Business Forum in the UK, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, which is the leading learning platform for businessmen and those who want to build a successful career in the corporate world.

Rory Kilmartin

Rory is a Relationship Researcher, the Founder of Archetypal Relationships and author of the life-changing book, “Solving The Relationship Puzzle”.

Robert Rolih

Robert is the internationally bestselling author of one of the best-rated investing books “The Million Dollar Decision”.

Paul O’Mahony

Paul is a dynamic and creative communicator, strategist, leader, and achiever. He has considerable international online and offline experience across a range of communications disciplines.

Mark Anastasi

Founder of the coaching and publishing company Inspired Group Ltd, with 52,000 customers in 116 countries.

Nicholas Kittis

General Manager, Transformational Executive Coach, Life and Business Strategist, Knowledge Broker and Entrepreneur.

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Dedicated camera operators will ensure an immersive live experience throughout the event. You will not miss a beat of each panel and presentation. The stream will be on EEST time (GMT+3). presentation.

Lifetime access to the recordings!

The Live Stream Experience

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Before You Go!...

Look, here’s the truth…

Who knows when the next opportunity like this will come up. Millionaire Business School may not happen again for a while. Or at all…

And collecting speakers of this caliber is no easy task.

You have the opportunity to learn the HOLY GRAIL of master skills that will DRAMATICALLY affect the way you… 

  • Market to your customers
  • Present your brand
  • Interact with other people
  • Invest and build wealth 
  • And the perception you have of yourself

These are all leading experts in all of those fields and they’re excited to be an OPEN BOOK on stage the 10th – 13th of November.

Not to mention, you’ll see it from the comfort of your home.

The last thing you want is to let this pass you by like Miss Perfect at the coffee shop…

Shoot the shot and invest in your greatest asset. Yourself.

Because thousands of other entrepreneurs are starting and scaling ideas and turning them into million-dollar companies like clockwork. 

In many cases like Peter’s and these other speakers, over and over again…

There is a method behind the madness. There are set strategies that are being followed. 

And a slightly different mindset to align with.

The principles, mindset and strategies Peter explains at Millionaire Business School have proven time and time again to drive the revenue of the attendees through the roof.

I can’t lie about that… There’s too much proof.

There’s a reason why this event was voted ‘Best of its kind’ by past attendees.

So, if you’re serious about getting to the next level in your business. 

To be seen as the authority in your industry.


To have the blueprint to making a million dollars tattooed on the inside of your eyelids.

And to harness all the powerful knowledge from these other speakers to scale your business AND your wealth…

This 4-day LIVE stream event is a must attend

I’ll see you there!

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