Special invitation for passionate business owners committed to adding
1 Million Dollars in revenue over the next 12 months

Tack on a million dollars in revenue over the next 12 months with this Serial Entrepreneur’s precious business building blueprint

This is the Millionaire Business School Held At The Beautiful Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort In Cyprus November 10th - 13th.

Organized And Presented By: Awaken Potential Ltd.



What this event is in just a few words…

Here’s what you can expect to gain…

"If I had to go back and start all over again, I'd start with mindset. Then valuable connections.”

- Dan Lok

The real problem that holds passionate entrepreneurs back…

You get started, learn all that you need to move the needle.
Clients and customers start coming in and all is well!
You’re making sales, developed a nice stream of leads and customers, but then... You become stuck working in the business. Instead of “on it.” Day after day you wake up with a loaded email inbox and a task list as long as Santa’s naughty list… You power though, get it done just to go home beat. Even though you’re making pretty good money, you know that your business could be taking in a lot more. And honestly, you know that you could be working A LOT LESS while doing so. But, what’s that break free point? What is it that allows these big time entrepreneurs to not just have one, but SEVERAL million dollar companies!? That’s what Millionaire Business School is all about. Sharing the knowledge, mindset and tactics that WILL break you free of the grind.

Who’s Peter Sage Anyway?

What Top Business Leaders Say About Peter & Millionaire Business School...

Dave Asprey - Founder, BulletProof Nutrition


Hear From Our Past Attendees...

DAY 1 - Peter Sage

During the first 12 hours of the business school, you will undergo a series of powerful and personal transformations. Peter will clearly demonstrate the connection between the mindset of a business owner and the issues they face as he guides you through the process of reinventing yourself.

DAY 2 - Peter Sage

Day two teaches seven of the Master Skills. Each one will be broken down and applied to your business in a way that allows you to measure the financial impact moving forward. This is a powerful and content-rich day that will present many opportunities for transforming your business.

DAY 3 - Peter Sage

This is a fast-paced and action-packed day where we build on the foundation of what you have already covered. Learn the final and most critical Master Skills and then create a detailed and highly personalized plan that will allow you to implement all of the teachings, ideas, and skills. The afternoon builds into a powerful crescendo that will set a new, empowering direction for your life.

DAY 4 - Guest Speakers

Asel Sydykova

Founder of «GBF» – Global Business Forum in the UK, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, which is the leading learning platform for businessmen and those who want to build a successful career in the corporate world.

Rory Kilmartin

Rory is a Relationship Researcher, the Founder of Archetypal Relationships and author of the life-changing book, “Solving The Relationship Puzzle”.

Robert Rolih

Robert is the internationally bestselling author of one of the best-rated investing books “The Million Dollar Decision”.

Paul O’Mahony

Paul is a dynamic and creative communicator, strategist, leader, and achiever. He has considerable international online and offline experience across a range of communications disciplines.

Mark Anastasi

Founder of the coaching and publishing company Inspired Group Ltd, with 52,000 customers in 116 countries.

Nicholas Kittis

General Manager, Transformational Executive Coach, Life and Business Strategist, Knowledge Broker and Entrepreneur.

Where will the event take place:

5 nights in a 5-Star Golf Resort in Cyprus

Don’t Overlook This!...

Hit The Course With Other Business Minds!

The IMMENSE value at this event is just one aspect. But we also know where some real business takes place…On the golf course!

Spend an extra day or two developing business relationships on this 5-STAR golf course and network with other brilliant minds and potential partners! Or play some tennis and hit the spa!

Make this a true vacation along with a HIGH ROI business event! Look forward to gaining new perspectives on bu siness from people that are where you’re at and others that are beyond!

Trade ideas and strategies! As we know in this world of business and marketing, your Network IS Your Net Worth!

Being here in Cyprus is one of the BEST ways to network with other passionate and committed business owners and professionals.


Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon



Book your seat with an advance payment.

Deposits can be spent on Gold, VIP, and Diamond tickets only and are non-refundable. 



€1000 OFF regular price.
After early bird €3000

4 Day Live Workshop

Graduation Party

5 Day Single Room Accommodations with Breakfast

*Full Board upgrade is available for €300 which includes Lunch and Dinner with the group and is highly recommended

19 tickets left




Pre-event cocktail party with Peter

4 Day Live Workshop

Graduation Party

Exclusive Dinner with Peter

5 Day Single Room Accommodations with 3 Meals a Day




€1000 OFF regular price.
After early bird €7000

Pre-event cocktail party with Peter

4 Day Live Workshop

Graduation Party

Exclusive Dinner with Peter

5 Day Accommodations with 3 Meals a Day

2 nights at Casale Panayiotis Hotel & Spa

Exclusive Peer Group

Exclusive Excursions with Peter

11 tickets left



4 Day Live Workshop

Room accommodation is not included in this ticket

27 tickets left

4th Day Only


This is a ticket for just the last day of the event, for the rest of our panel speakers

Lunch and coffee breaks included

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Live Stream TIcket


Can’t attend the event in person? No problem! Join via a live stream. Dedicated camera operators will ensure an immersive live experience throughout the event. You will not miss a beat of each panel and presentation. The stream will be on EEST time (GMT+3). presentation.

Access to the recordings

The Live Stream Experience

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Book a call with our team!

The call will be in English.

Look, here’s the truth…

Thousands of entrepreneurs are starting and scaling companies and turning them into million dollar companies like clockwork.

In many cases like Peter’s, over and over again…

There is a method behind the madness. There are set strategies that are being followed.

And a slightly different mindset to align with.

Because as you know when it comes to getting to the next level… there’s A to B. Then there’s B to C.

And what got you to B, most times won’t get you to C. The principles, mindset and strategies Peter explains at Millionaire Business School have proven time and time again to drive the revenue of the attendees through the roof.

I can’t lie about that…

There’s a reason why this event was voted ‘Best of its kind’ by past attendees.

So, if you’re serious about getting to the next level in your business.

To be seen as the authority in your industry.

To have the blueprint to making a million dollars tattooed on the inside of your eyelids.

And to make valuable connections with other high level entrepreneurs and service providers.

This 4 day event is a must attend…

I’ll see you there!


The event runs from November 10-13th, 2022.

Millionaire Business School Congress is being held at the luxury, 5-star5 star Aphrodite Hills Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus.

3, Aphrodite Avenue
Kouklia 8509
P.O. Box 62769 8072 Paphos
T. +357 26 828000

Early bird pricing ends on September 30th, 2022.

Transfers to the hotel are not included.
Aphrodite Hills Hotel is approximately 15 minutes by car from Paphos airport and 1 hour by car from Larnaca.

All tickets that include accommodation at the resort include breakfast. 
VIP and Diamond ticket holders include full board, including breakfast, lunch and evening meal. Beverages are not included.
The event sessions end between 9-10pm when the restaurants are finishing service or closing. The hotel resort is not particularly close to a town where you could eat out. By purchasing the full board option you will be included in the meals scheduled for the group.
There is an option for Gold ticket holders to upgrade to the full board package. This option is available at ticket purchase for an additional cost of €250 and also on the welcome page should you have already bought your ticket.
Hotel accommodation is provided on a sharing basis in twin rooms. 
If you know someone else who is attending the event and would like to request a room share, you can do so on the event’s welcome page after ticket purchase. 
Single occupancy rooms are available at an additional cost of €300. These are limited. Please contact us should you wish to upgrade. 
Yes, the hotel has agreed to extend a discounted rate to those who would like to come early or stay after the conference ends. You will need to contact the hotel directly for details and reservations for the extension. It is possible that the accommodation may differ from the accommodation purchased with your ticket but the hotel will be able to advise further. 
The hotel check-in opens at 3pm. You must check out of your room by 11am. 

Flights are not included in the ticket price.

The event itself runs from Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th November, 2022 but we recommend arrival on Wednesday 9th and departure on Monday 14th.

The cocktail party is included in the price for VIP and Diamond ticket holders only. All ticket holders are invited to the graduation party. Neither of these parties are mandatory.
We recommend that you consider booking flights to arrive on Wednesday 9th, in time to enjoy the pre-event cocktail party if you hold a VIP or Diamond ticket; and depart on Monday 14th so as not to miss the climax of the event.
However, this is entirely your choice.

No preparation is required. Just ensure you arrive rested, energetic, open-minded and ready to learn.

The 40-hour Millionaire Business School program taught by Peter Sage runs for the first 3 days of the event. It is an intensive yet exhilarating learning experience that starts at 9am and finishes at 10pm. When planning your diary, expect to clear all engagements and switch off your phone during the event. Unless you make a full commitment you won’t get the most out of the three days.

The event is not a seminar where you spend all day watching and listening. It’s jam-packed, immersive and will require active participation from all attendees to ensure you achieve the very best from the workshop. You will receive a 100+ page course workbook that ends with a real action plan for taking your life to the next level. After all, you don’t learn to swim by reading a book!

Diamond ticket holders will spend 2 nights at Casale Panayiotis Hotel and Spa

Ayias Marinas 14
2862 Kalopanayiotis, Nicosia


Yes, you will be transported from the Aphrodite Hills Hotels to Casale Panayiotis Hotel.

Casale Panayiotis Hotel is around 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from the Millionaire Business School Congress event location in Paphos.

It is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes by car from Paphos airport and 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Larnaca.

The excursions are just being finalized but rest assured they will be fun and exhilarating. As soon as the information is available we will share the full details.

Ticket and event questions

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